Monday, 2 March 2015

Why Clean Eating?

So why, when the internet is so full of different healthy eating ideas do I want to go down the Clean Eating route?  And what exactly is that going to mean?

We're a family of four and when I've ever looked at different 'diets' in the past I just can't get my head round how to keep it all family friendly.  And although I do want to lose a little weight, changing our eating habits is a priority for me in order to help shape our habits and become healthier overall, for all us.  That means anything we decide to do has to be taken on board x 4!

I am quite happy generally with the kinds of main meals we all like to eat.  I need some pushes to keep making things from scratch and such like, but actually I think we do ok there.  And since we all like those meals I don't really want to rock the boat too much!  What we don't do well is breakfasts and we snack way too much.  Like, WAY too much!

I also know that I need a little guidance, some rules, but I don't like to have prescribed meal plans.  I can't say 'right we're eating healthy' because I don't in all honesty know what that is!  I can read any book or article about food and be convinced of it all, the problem is it's all contradictory.

When I found some blogs about Clean Eating it sounded very interesting and at first I thought perhaps it was like a Paleo diet.  I didn't want to go giving up 'normal' things so much though.  On further inspection it sounded like it wasn't that and actually was exactly how I wanted to eat.  Real foods, real meals, less added chemicals, less refined foods.

At the heart of it though, I really want to instil some lifelong good habits in myself and my kids.  I want them to see we're eating healthy but normal, think of food as a pleasure and not a chore and to learn to make good choices.

So for us we're going to be aiming for the following:

No refined sugar
aim for our daily fruit and veg intake
cut out preservatives and additives in food
eat things that are real foods

Today's foods have been as follows:

Breakfast: Porridge with honey

Lunch: leftover bolognese sauce with wholemeal pasta and a little cheese

Dinner:  home made pizza and apple for afterwards

Snacks: banana, small piece of flapjack (homemade - tested out a bit of a recipe.  Needs tweaked though!) and some oatcakes.

Thoughts - probably not enough veg today.  I'd normally add veg to my pizza but we're limited this week with fresh veg.  Home made pizza was half and half white flour and wholemeal.  It's my son's favourite and I promised him lots while we're up here on holiday!

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