Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Starting the budget

We'd been away for the beginning of March so couldn't really shop to a budget too well although I tried to keep it reigned in as much as possible.  We're back now and yesterday I did my first shop with my budget of a measly £40!

Well actually it was a bit less since I spent some money in Tesco on our return home and felt I needed to include it in the totals.

It took a little bit of meal planning, a lot of list writing and a few rewrites, but I got there.

Our meal list was mostly vegetarian with a few added bits of meat leftover from a roast dinner (Mothers day!)  Here's the plan:

Bean Casserole (with added leftover pork)
Lentil lasagne
Kidney bean burgers with sweet potato wedges
salmon fishcakes and wedges
Roast chicken sunday dinner
Saturday night curry - chickpea and cauliflower curry
Chicken fajita wraps

I was one short with my needed meals and since I found some lamb reduced in the shop I decided to make a nice Irish Stew with added soda bread today for St Patricks day.

Amazingly I came in on budget, I only popped to the shops again today to get some pearl barley that I forgot to pick up for the stew.  A good store cupboard ingredient in any case!

I'm loving being back home with my cupboards of good food!

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