Sunday, 1 March 2015


Ok where to start?

Quick intro - I'm in the UK, I'm 35 and I'm slightly overweight (I would like to lose about 2 stone ideally, but at least 14lbs to not be overweight any more).  I have a husband and two teenage kids.  And the most important thing - we are not rich!  Budget is definitely the word!

I learned about clean eating last year while we were travelling and eating fairly rubbish food.  I knew we'd be getting back to normal soon and I really wanted to take that opportunity to get healthy and start to eat well.  Clean eating sounded just what I was looking for - it had some rules, but in reality it was just what I actually thought healthy eating was.

So we made tentative starts back in January and by the end of February I'd already lost half a stone, went from being on the wrong edge of obese to just overweight (yay!) and was feeling positive about the whole thing.

I want to blog to keep me going and to hopefully help out others who, like me, have a family to feed, want to do it healthily but have a budget that is far from healthy!

For the first half of March life is a bit wonky for us as we're on a break looking after a friends dogs in Scotland with no access to a supermarket, but I'm going to try as much as I can to keep it up!

Today's food was:

Breakfast - bonfire fried egg, slice of toast and some cooked mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes

Lunch - toasted sandwich with Parma Ham, an apple and some grapes.

Snacks - oatcakes and a little St Dalfours Jam

Dinner - Pasta Bolognese with some natural yoghurt and jam for dessert.

Thoughts - a bit heavy on wheat today and the bread unfortunately isn't clean.  Normally I make my own, but I can't here.  Pasta was half white and half wholemeal as we have some to use up too!

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