Friday, 6 March 2015

Slowly, slowly, catchy monkey

My husband says this to me all the time.  He means, take it easy, go slow and you'll get what you're after.  Well I think so anyway!

And at the moment I need to remember this.  Changing our eating habits to better ones takes some time, especially since we have older kids and even more so because of our budget.

I would absolutely love to be able to switch completely to organic produce, get local organic meat bred nearby, get the milk that I know is on the other side of the city and shop exclusively in Waitrose just buying in trendy, healthy food.  In a way I think having a bigger budget would make things so much easier.

But then I wonder if that might not be the case.  Perhaps being on a tighter budget means that we'll think more about what we're buying, we'll go down the 'real' food route of buying dried beans and food from the green grocers rather than being seduced by all the new companies selling 'clean' food.  After all, it's still convenience foods, just slightly better for you.

So I'd been feeling a bit down and a bit like I want everything now, to change over straight away and I know it's probably not achievable.  I need to do it slowly.  Once I get ourselves in to a good routine of meals we like and food we'll buy then I can start to stockpile and have a good store cupboard.  Once I have that then perhaps I'll have a bit more spare in the budget to bring in organic dairy and meats.  Then I can look to other foods.

And of course our measly budget won't be forever.  Will it?  Lol!

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