Saturday, 7 March 2015

Clean Convenience foods - soup

There is inevitably going to be some times when I'm going round the supermarket looking for a quick meal.  It happened in the past and it will happen again.  I can hope that I will always be able to rustle up a nutritious meal from the stuff in my cupboards, but I know that even if I could, there are days when I am just being lazy!

In the past we often had soup as a lazy tea.  With nice crusty bread - nom nom nom!  We all like the tomato and basil pots you can get in the fridge sections of the supermarket, but unfortunately, like lots of tomato convenience foods, it contains sugar.

However when I was in Morrisons the other day I came across a fresh carrot and butternut squash  soup from New Covent Garden in the reduced section.  I needed something for my lunch and thought it would probably be not too bad in the scheme of things.  In fact, when I looked at the ingredients - they were all clean!

Since I know there will be lazy days to be had it's just good to know what options are out there.  Not all the New Covent Garden soups are clean, but on checking their website a good few of them are.  I'll be keeping an eye out for some more and maybe stashing one or two in a freezer for those lazy days!

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