Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Good habits

Forming some good habits seem to be key with any new lifestyle and this one is no exception.  Checking nutritional info and just generally heading towards the non processed food rather than the convenience items is a biggy.  

I want to also form a good habit with blogging and I at least want to post every day of March.  I may miss a couple when I'm travelling, but I hope and am aiming not to!

Which is why this post is short and sweet, I almost forgot to blog today.  I had been reading a fab book called In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan.  I think it had been recommended on a clean eating blog I came across a while back and I just started reading it.  I know, no excuse not to blog though!  Maybe I'll do a proper review of the book once I'm finished it.

Anyway today's food - 

Breakfast - porridge and honey

Lunch - leftover chilli and rice with steamed kale

Dinner - home made soup (recipe tomorrow!) and some bread with some yoghurt and grapes for dessert

Snacks - Banana, some dried pineapple (from Urban Fruit - was so yummy!) and 2 oatcakes.

Thoughts - I felt much better with some green veg today!  We walked to the shops to get some and it was worth the 5 mile walk!  

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